Positive displacement Gear Pumps


The development of the Northern® gear pump began in the 1920’s. With the onset of the depression in late 1929, all business activity slowed significantly. John Hawley, owner of Northern® Pump Company, made a strategic decision to redesign the Northern® gear pump so that it could outperform other gear pumps in high pressure applications.

The new pump was designed in such a way that it was easily modified to suit unique requirements imposed by customers.

The emphasis on high quality and heavy duty performance capability guided the development of the Northern® gear pump. The use of nitrided alloys allowed the pump to be used in high temperature applications, custom designed roller bearings improved pump life in high pressure applications, and the development of a proprietary bronze alloy improved both pump life and pump reliability.

In the 1950’s, the design of the Northern® pump continued to evolve. The introduction of ground gears allowed the pump to be used at higher speeds and higher pressures. Mechanical shaft seals began to be used to accommodate higher suction pressures. The “hydraulically balanced” drive shaft design was introduced to eliminate the axial forces imposed on the drive shaft by high suction pressure applications.

The Northern® gear pump design continues to change. The use of ceramic wear plates and tungsten carbide bearings has extended the application of the pump into abrasive applications. The use of stainless steel materials has extended its use into corrosive applications.


• High discharge pressures to2000 PSIG
• Flow rate capacities to 210 GPM
• Extreme suction conditions from 28” Hg to 1200 PSI
• Handling high viscosities of up to 1,500,000 cP
• Ability to meter accurately within 98%
• Pumping temperature ranges of -65° F to 850° F.


Cost Reductions

• Lower maintenance expenses
• Lower downtime expenses
• Long pump life and ease of repair


• Chemical process industries
• Refining and petrochemicals
• Adhesives products
• Pharmaceuticals and food products
• Power generation
• Oilfields and pipelines
• Military and marine


While many companies only offer to provide a pump, Northern offers engineering as solution to your pumping needs, providing mounting bases, motors, couplings and security equipment, gear boxes, heating jackets, variable frequency drives, etc.

We can provide the pump and drive equipment that you need for your application.


Series 4000. The 4000 series pump is made from carbon steel and is traditionally designed with a five plate modular construction, best for the majority of applications. This series pumps are designed for nearly any liquid transfer application, particularly those involving extremes of temperature, viscosity, pressure and inlet conditions.

Series ECC. Northern® ECC Series with ceramic liner plates solve difficult pumping applications including problems involving low lubricity or abrasive liquids at higher pressures. We also provide seal flush cavities with double mechanical seals for emission control in critical applications.


Factory pump rebuild: Our mechanics carefully dissemble and inspect the pump to determine which parts need replacement or reconditioning.

After we have been authorized to proceed with the rebuild, we will reassemble the pump with the necessary new and reconditioned parts.

• All rebuilt pumps carry a full new pump warranty
• Remanufacturing your Northern® pump saves money
• Most repairs are completed in less than four weeks


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