Plate Heat Exchangers

Industrial an Sanitary new equipments (Stainless Steel), parts and service for all brands.

EACO’s sister company has the largest service center in Mexico and it is ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.
EACO’s sister company manufactures their owns plates, its PHEs are made in Mexico 100% until 4” ports. The PHEs with ports larger than 4” diameter por are assembly in México, avoiding freight high cost and import taxes and expences.
EACO’s sister company has 22 years supplying PHE in the Mexican market.

How they work
The Heat Exchanger is the perfect solution for thermal transfers for a great variety of applications, due to its compact design and high efficiency.

Fluids enter the plate package through the connections; they circulate in the plate package forming two independent flow channels which alternate from cold, to hot, cold, hot, etc. They usually flow countercurrent.

PHE Advantage

Plates design: The inlet design allows a perfect distribution of the liquids across the heating surface avoiding the risk of dirtying, growth of bacteria and increase of pressure letdown. The corrugation of the plates is designed to get the highest thermal efficiency. We have two plate corrugation types for high and low turbulent flow respectively. Calculating the plate type for each one or a combination we get the better heat transfer at low pressure lost.

Strengthened ends: The channel for the gasket seat is design to cover almost the whole profile of the gasket, getting a plat with strengthened ends. It means in operation terms: a perfect gasket fastening, more gasket and plate durability, as well a, safer handle of the plates.

Gaskets: All gaskets allow a low profile fluid contact, assuring the elastic properties of the packing improving their lifetime. The new generation of PHE Advantages gaskets is the “Sonder Lock” glue free, these gaskets are fastened by a strong buttons in same material than gasket, which really fasten the packing to the channel.

Heat exchangers types

Plate Heat Exchangers 1004

Semi welded plates are built up in plate cassettes.

A plate cassettes is 2 plates welded together by means of laser welding. The advantage by this construction is on the one side a welded plate channel and on the other side a traditional plate channel with gaskets making assembling and cleaning of this side easier. On the welded side there are two specially produced corner hole gaskets creating the tightening between the two cassettes. Thus the gasket is reduced to a minimum on the welded side.

Main applications for:
• Refrigeration
• Evaporators
• Condensers
• Aggressive fluids with the gaskets

Free flow plates

Free Flow plates are designed for liquids containing fibres or other particles which may clog up a traditional plate heat exchanger. Free Flow plates are designed without metal contact between the plates in the liquid area giving a high turbulence and thus a high heat transmission coefficient and especially a long power time.

Main applications for:
• Paper industry
• Sugar industry
• Food industry
• Dirty fluids

Brazed type plates

Contrary to the traditional plate heat exchanger the brazed plate heat exchanger does not contain rubber gaskets and can thus operate continuously at the temperatures from minus 1800 C up to plus 2000 C.

The operating pressure can be as high as 30 bar.

Main applications for:
• Chillers
• Heat recovery
• Hydraulic Oil coolers
• Steam heaters
• Heating pumps

“Sonder Safe” plates

The Sonder Safe system consists of two thin flow plates stamped together. The two plates form a pair of plates which allows possible leaks to be seen from outside between the two plates. This prevents a mixing of the products and warns about internal leaks.

Main applications for:
• Food pasteurization
• Water for medical use
• Ultra pure water production
• Security reasons for turbine, turbo compressors, transformers cooling, etc.

Plate and shell

This heat exchanger works in the same way as an ordinary tubular unit, however, it is more efficient because plates have been used instead of tubes. The plates are laser/TIG welded together to form a plate pack, which is then mounted inside a traditional cylindrical shell.

The heat exchanger is produced as an all welded exchanger or with flanges. This makes manual cleaning possible. Pressure rating: 25 Kg/cm2 and Max temp.: Up to 2500 C.

Plate materials:
• Stainless Steel 304
• Stainless Steel 316
• Titanium
• Avesta 254 SMO
• Hastelloy
• Other exotic material


We have the widest capacity range in the market: Flows ranges from 0.1 to 3500 m3/hr

Operating Pressure:

From empty pressure to 25 bar

Max Temperature of operation:

Up to 300° C depending on the gasket material.

Design Standard Codes:
• European standard codes
• Without standard codes

Accessories and spare parts

EACO’s sister company offers all accessories and spare parts that allow your heat exchanger operate for a long time and reduce the maintenance periods.

Besides the maintenance cost will be low and increase the time life of the gaskets because it’s elastic properties are affected each time the heat exchanger is opened and closed.


EACO’s sister company provides heat exchangers gaskets for all brands and models at most competitive price in the market. Our gaskets are offered by other heat exchanger manufacturers because its quality and performance overcome the other gaskets available in the market. We have a wide stock of gaskets for quick ship.

We have gaskets for plate heat exchangers: Tranter, Alfa Laval, GEA, APV, Vicarb, ITT, Polaris, Pasilac, Fischer, API, Schmidth. Bretten, Swep, Cherry Burell, Funke, Stork, etc.

Gasket materials

• Nitrile
• Hydrogen nitrile
• Hypalon Silicon Neoprene

• Viton A/B EPDM-HT
• Viton G/F
• Klingersil


EACO’s sister company has a wide line of plate models, for different brands of heat exchangers. Our plates are manufactured with the highest industry standards. The selection of material suppliers makes us confident of offering you the best plate at the best market price, and, most importantly, we have most of our models in permanent stock, which allows us to have your plates ready at your plant in just a few days.

Plates materials:
• Stainless Steel 304
• Stainless Steel 316
• Titanium
• Hastelloy
• Other exotic materials


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