IImpel is specialist in manufacturing equipments for Wastewater Treatment Plant.

We offer the following products:

- Submersible Pumps
- Aerators
- Air Blowers
- Other products

Sumersible Pumps

Serie L

Electrical submersible pumps with high sphere for handling domestic, municipal or industrial residual water with high solid content in suspension, in a wide range of versions, power range from 1 HP up to 350 HP and discharge port’s diameter from 76 mm up to 600 mm (3 a 24”), sphere up to 115 mm (4 ½”), for stationary or portable installation, or dry pit. Grey iron and/or stainless steel construction.

Serie A

Electrical submersible pumps, “AI” version for intermittent drainage of clear water, and “AC” version for continuous drainage of water with high content of abrasive material, for construction and mining applications.

Otras Series

Serie C
Serie E
Serie G
Serie M


Serie AMS
Submersible electric Aerators, in power range from 0.5 HP up to 60 HP and transfer capacity up to 57 kg of O2/HP-HR.

Serie AMF
Floating mechanical Aerators of high speed, power range from 2 HP up to 60 HP. Oxygen transfer of 1.36 kg O2/HP-HR.

Serie ABV
Surface mechanical Aerators of low speed. Oxygen transfer warranted in standard conditions 1.6 kg O2/HP-HR. Available capacities up to 150 HP.

Air Blowers

Blowers to feed diffusion air nets in wastewater treatment and industrial applications. The twin lobe blower (positive displacement) are assembled as units ready to install and start up. The centrifugal blowers have silent operation, oil free, continuous flow and pulsations free.

Other Products

Water Softener System
Sand Filters
Level Switches
Control Panels
Air Diffuser
Synthetic Biological Media (Bio-Pac)
Plate Modules for Settlers
Press Filter
Self cleaning grid
Reverse Osmosis System
Residual wastewater treatment Plants
Sludge mechanical collectors
Industrial wastewater treatment Plants





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