Vertical Pump API


Afton Pumps Inc. is a high quality manufacturer of vertical process API norm pumps, with facility and headquarters locates in Houston, Texas. Afton specializes in making what other pump manufacturers consider a specialty item.

With more than 50 years experience making quality pumps, Afton can take your specific application requirements, engineer and manufacture a pump suited for your industry. Most models are available with API-610 Hydraulic Institute conformance. Tell us how you want your pump built and we will build it better.

Vertical Pump Specialists

Afton’s primary business is the design, manufacture and support of heavy duty, vertical inline process pumps and vertical turbine can pumps used for pumping dangerous liquids as light hydrocarbons.

Each and every Afton pumps is designed for its intended use.Afton pumps also specialize in non-standard materials of construction such as 316 SS, duplex SS and alloy 20, along with our standard materials of construction.


Afton Vertical Process Pumps Model ILV, ILVS, and ILVS-B

Afton vertical in-line centrifugal pumps are compact and simple to install. These pumps eliminate standard pump foundations, simplify thermal expansion calculations and reduce pipe strain from temperature extremes. The new Afton Bearing Bracket vertical in-line pumps (ILVS-B) are recommended for all in-plant petroleum and petrochemical process services with flow rates to 4,000 GPM and differential pressures to 750 feet.

• ILV: In-Line Vertical process pump.
• LVS: In-Line Vertical process pumps with Spacer.
• ILVS-B: In-Line Vertical process pumps with Spacer and Bearing Bracket.

Vertical In-Line processes pumps are used in such process which require a pressure booster and in those applications in which exists space limitations, these pumps are easy to operate and maintain.

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